Pepper Pace, Author

Writer of Interracial Romance

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: Hi Pep, I have recently come upon your books WOS and was blown away, l've read all three books including mostly all of your other books too.Your books are my escape from my world which can be a little chaotic. I look forward to reading WOS book 4 and other works that you will publish in the future. What are you currently working on and do you have a notification email sign up for new releases for your fans? Many blessings to you and your family.

Hi Anonymous and thank you for your question and for your awesome comments! Currently I am working on re-edits of my previously published works. Just finished with Urban Vampire books 1 & 2 (to be released April 2014). I have a 60s era 2 book series that will be released this summer. I am also publishing another author—that project will be announced at a later date. WOS book 4 has yet to be written but my plans are to have it ready later this year. I have a very busy schedule!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: Ms. Pace, how close are we to the release of Beast on Audible?

I’m anxious for it too! The official date that I receive it back from the producer is May 2 but was told that it would be ready well before then…however, we are getting closer to May so not sure if there will be an April release date. I’ll post here when it happens!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: On your other blog it said that you have a newly formed publishing company? What does one have to do to become a client?

For now my publishing company is mostly inactive because I am focused on some other projects. But I will definitely announce when I’m ready (If I ever become ready) to take on clientele. Thanks for asking Anon!

Pepper Pace, Author

theadrithings asked: Ms. Pace I really enjoy your work. Please tell me you have something new coming out soon. Also, I believe you mentioned a change to WOS, is there an update on the release?

Yes I have several new projects coming up this year. I made a post about it on my blogspot blog. Check it out at the below link :)

Where is Pepper Pace?

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: Do you have any books being released in April?

Yes, I will be releasing the long awaited Urban Vampire book set in April…just don’t pinpoint me to a day. Thanks for asking

Pepper Pace, Author


Beast will still be released on audio through Amazon’s Audibles. I told the producer that I would like to have it available in May and was advised that it would be completed well before then…With that said it seems that it may be available some time this month!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: I have to say I am one of your biggest fans I have numerous of your books and have read them countless times. You truly are an amazing writer. I just finish reading your new short book and I must say it was great. I just wanted to know will there be follow up on Derrick? I loved how you connected the book to Beast as well. is the book like prelude or is occurring simultaneously?

Thank you for the compliment and for your question, Anon and sorry it took me a bit to reply. This is a very good question. In A Wrong Turn Towards Love I added a portion concerning Derek and Debbie Roberts. The things that happened with Shaun and Bodie happened prior to Lt Christopher Jameson of Beast ever meeting Ashleigh.

I haven’t made a decision on whether I will continue with Derek’s story. The reason being is that I’d rather write IR Romance, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Derek—or any of my other characters made an appearance in some future work. Thanks again!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous asked: Hello Pepper Pace, just your huge Nigerian fan again ! I didn't have enough characters to also ask this I noticed in a seal upon your heart, when you have Martier answer the question where are you from and she says Africa , does that happen in America a lot? In England where I'm from by citizenship not ethnicity , people like myself often get offended by being referred to generally as African because African countries are so distinct, My cousins in America get fed up too, but is that unusual?

Hi again Nigerian fan :)

I’d have to say that Martier would probably take questions concerning where she’s from based on her only life references (due to her memory loss); being American. When I leave the country and people outside of the US ask me where I’m from, there’s sometimes confusion if I just tell them the state I’m from, and then it clarifies when I follow up with America. This is hugely different with Africa but I don’t think people always realize that. I myself have been guilty of categorizing people as Africans vs Nigerian etc. So it is good to know that doing this can be offensive.

But back to Martier, she didn’t want to face questions concerning Rwanda and genocide. People can be insensitive about such questions I think. so my thoughts in writing her response as just being that she’s from ‘Africa’ was based on that.