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Writer of Interracial Romance

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: hi, what is the exact age difference between Tim and Martier? and also will you be writing any similar books?

Hi Anon, I must say that I no longer remember the exact difference in age. Once I move on to the next book my limited memory space has been filled with details on the new characters and any prior characters have to be researched anew.

I’m not sure if I will tackle another story line as painful as genocide. There are so many tragic moments in history that deserve some insight from the perspective of those involved in the tragedy—but as a writer I take on much of the feelings in order to do the story justice. How about a happy romance? I’d love to write about things more light and not as dark. Or maybe I’m just saying that my life could use more happiness and less darkness.

Thank you for the question.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Hi Pepper Pace! When can we expect the fourth installment of WOS?

Hi Anon, I was hoping by the end of the year but life takes precedence over art so on that I can be sure. Sorry for not being able to be more exact.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: hi pepper i just wanted to ask you if you are considering writing a novel finishing the story of someone to love i just feel like the story has so many unfinished questions like how does Bill deal with beating his drug addiction? how does Raina help him through it? how does their relationship grow? what obstacle do they face as a couple? please please consider writing it because i think they are my favourite couple of your novels and i know they appear in the throwaway year! GET WELL SOON XXXXXX

Thank you Anonymous. I do not believe Bill and Raina will have another story. When I write, I find an antagonist. In Someone to Love it was Jill and her nasty attitude and Raina’s lack of self-confidence. Now that Bill is no longer an addict and Raina accepts her scars I wouldn’t want to continue their story because to do so would be to add another antagonist into their lives.

They’ve been through enough. I think I’ll let them live happily ever after. Good question!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Hi Ms Pace, I know it's soon, but when will the 2nd installment of Everything is Everything be released? Hopefully this year?

Definitely this year. It’s a work in progress so i can’t be more specific. Sorry

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: I really just fell in love with EIE and I am anxiously awaiting book two, but what I want to know is how did you go about get your first book published? When did you know it was a finished product?

Thank you Anon. I enjoyed writing EIE and traveling back to the 70’s. I’ve never been published the ‘traditional’ way. I’ve had some interest from publishing companies but as I prefer to write under my own terms this never panned out. I prefer self-publishing where I control everything from when and what I want to write about.

Now I published Stranded as my first book. It happened once I discovered that someone else had not only stolen it but was getting good reviews. I had the plagiarized work removed and I put the book on sale myself. It was a crash course in learning to self-publish but the Amazon tutorials which you can find on YouTube or by Googling KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) makes it fairly easy and definitely quick.

It’s hard to answer your last question, when do you know your book is a finished product. You think in terms of your readers. Will it satisfy them in the sense that the storyline had come full circle? Sometimes your readers want to know more about the characters AFTER the story has ended. Unfortunately this particular story about these characters has come to a close but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be other stories about the same characters. My answer is that you know its a finished product when the story has a satisfying conclusion AND your editor and beta readers give the okay!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Dear Pepper, you're simply amazing, you have a gift for writing such beautiful, broken characters - I haven't found another author to rival your talent. I know somebody who's had sex reassignment surgery and i've always wondered about how she is perceived now and if she has found love with a man since she is clearly not homosexual. you've touched on this subject in the character of Jace Macadue in Juicy - I would love to see a Jace getting her own book - do you have any plans to write her story?

Great question. I loved writing about Jace and I too know people who are transgendered. As a secondary character we will definitely revisit Jace!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Hi Pepper! I didn't want to ask anything. I just wanted you to know that your novels are awesome! You are such a unique writer and I get an awesome and beautiful feeling almost every time I finish reading one of your novels! Thank you!

Sweet, thank you!

Pepper Pace, Author

kamkam1408 said: Hi, Ms. Pepper. Let me thank you so much for getting me out of the spiral of annoying teenage drama that is always associated with any popular vampire series these days. Your UV series helped me to visualize how an all-powerful vampire would really behave in the modern world when it comes to sex. I absolutely love Kim's open-mindedness which you brought out even more in the third book. I loved the third book and I know the fourth is coming out in fall 2015. Are you thinking of writing a fifth?

KamKam it took me a long time to answer this post because I didn’t even see the question! Sorry! I’m sorry to say that the next installment of Urban Vampire will the the last.

Now, with that said—it doesn’t mean that the UV story ends. Not by a long shot! But it does mean that I will wrap up the storyline in this next book…and if the future entails another storyline then there just might be another book. Thanks for the question!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Would you please let us know when book II of Everything is Everything will be released? Loved the first book and looking forward to the second.

Thanks for asking Anon. I get this question often but I don’t always answer it because I honestly don’t know. EIE 2, as well as some other stories are delayed due to some issues that I’ve discussed here, on my blog and Facebook. I’m not sure of the release date of any of my works. For the most part, as soon as I write them, I send them to be edited and beta read and when it comes back I upload it. Sorry that I can not be more specific.

With EIE and other stories that appear in collections with other authors I follow their timeline. Sometimes when I’ve given myself deadlines I’ve had to do a massive crunch which was not beneficial to me the author or you the reader (a perfect example is UV III which didn’t have the vibe that I was searching for). It’s much better if I write it and tell you once its finished instead of trying to predict or push it out by a due date. This is one of my goals for the future! No more announcing when a book will be released until its already written!

Good question and thanks for giving me an opportunity to place the answer here.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: I've never heard of The Way Home. What is the name of set in which it's included. Thank you, and good luck with your surgery.

Thanks for the well wishes! The Way Home is a short story included in the collection entitled Love Intertwined Vol. 1  It is available on Amazon for Kindle, Barnes and Noble for Nook and in paperback through Amazon’s Createspace.

The Way Home is a really nice story about Kenny and Jamie and their first love. Warning: graphic sex with two teens under the age of 18.