Pepper Pace, Author

Writer of Interracial Romance

Pepper Pace, Author

tylerbabe1231 said: Hey Ms. Pace do you have any news books coming out soon and if so when ..

Hi tylerbabe, I have a two book novel coming out in july. Book 1 will be included in a bookset with 9 other authors entitled Scandalous Heroes. The release date for the bookset is July 6 and the price is $.99.

My novel is entitled Everything is Everything.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Hi ms. Pace I would like to know if you are continuing your urban vampire series past 3 books and if so when is the ETA on book four. Cause I have been re reading the series a couple of times now and I really want a new book oh and alexis and kim to be together just had to stick that in there lol anyway thanks for the first three they were amazing

I am so pleased that you are enjoying the series. As far as the actual date it will be available is not so easy. You see once I write it, have it edited and formatted, then I’m ready to immediately upload it for sale. I don’t know what date that will happen. I’d rather upload it immediately after its completed than hold it for a specified due date. Thanks for asking Anon

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: I have just started reading your books and I am a big fan. I just finished the WOS series. I found out there is a different ending. I wanted to know is there a way that I can get both editions of WOS3

Hi Anonymous, the final ending for WOS 3 is merely a few pages more than the previously published ending. I had previously ended the story before the ‘Gives You Hell’ scene. That’s the only change. Thanks for asking

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Yes please, i agree with the anon below, someone to love is so beautiful i really hope you do make it into a novel, and could i ask a strange question, did he know she was a virgin? because he never verbally acknowledged it when they were making love. thank you and i really hope for it to become a full novel like beast

I’m happy to know that others enjoyed Someone to Love as I have. Bill and Raina’s story continues some in the novella The Throwaway Year. We see their lives after they became a couple.

Anon, I don’t think Bill knew that Raina was a virgin initially, but he would have figured it out pretty fast and I think that it would have caused her to be even more special. Thanks for the questions.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: please please write a full story on Someone to Love, the story line is so beautiful but it was so short, i would love to read about their struggles and how they find happiness, do you think you will ever turn it into a full blown novel? xxxxxxxxxx

Someone to Love is such a special story, I love love love it. I never say never but at the moment I have no plans to add to it although I do intend to allow some characters from previous stories to appear in new stories so you never know…

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: will you ever write a sequel to beast, please do i honestly think its your best work and i really would like to see the rest of their lives

Thank you Anonymous :)

But no.

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: could you please gives us dates to your next book/books I have read them all and I think having withdrawal symptoms, love from London xxxxx

You are in luck because I just released a short story entitled The Delicate Sadness. It originally appeared in a collaboration entitled Seduction: An IR Romance anthology Vol. 1

It’s hard to pinpoint an actual date for a release but I will have a new novel available in July 2014 which is included in a a collection of IR stories entitled Scandalous Heroes.

Thanks for asking!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: Good evening, I from South africa. Just wanted to let you know your book are powerful. Love reading your books and all are my favourite. Keep writing and am looking foward to purchase your work from Kindle.

Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to send me greetings from South Africa. Happy reading!

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: I just finish reading the urban vampire set and it was awesome, I could not put it down, and then it ended and I was like nooooooooo, I read a lot of paranormal books and this is one of the best ones, fully entertained form beginning to end, I loved the characters, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Thank you Anonymous. I can’t wait to begin working on the next book. I sorta wish there were three Pep’s so I can work on new stories, series, and sleep. :)

Pepper Pace, Author

Anonymous said: I am an advid reader and a writer. I wanted to take the time to tell you that I love your stories. I especially love anything in a series. I absolutely loved Urban Vampire, and as an Occupational therapist who works with the handicapped, it was wonderful how the characters interacted in WOS. I am anxiously awaiting the next books in these series, and in the mean time, I am reading any and every book of yours that I can find and am enjoying every minute of it. Thank you for such quality stories.

Thank you Anonymous! I am on a schedule to keep the work coming and good luck in your writing endeavors